Release of Sexual Offenders in Minnesota

The article above was a real eye-opener.  MN has quarantined adolescent offenders for years in Moose Lake (Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) – and have basically forgotten them:
No advancement in education, no skill lessons, no preparation into the “real” world – yet it took a class action suit to bring attention to and  “decide” that this is not right. The plan is to ship 52 offenders to St. Peter for transition to being set free.

This was a voluntary program, mind you.  They were never convicted of a crime – but were admitted to be rehabilitated, educated, mentally challenged and returned to the civilian world within a relatively short period.  Some have been at Moose Lake for almost 20 years.

With no skills and no job assurance (no training, no education) This is a disaster. Unless St. Peter has a clear transition program and/or are miracle workers – there is an almost certainty of new sexual offenses and/or recidivism.

There’s no place like home.