Robert Reich posted today:

Microsoft says it will cut up to 18,000 jobs next year to “streamline” its business. Microsoft now employs 125,000 people.

In an era of increasing technological advances, the logical endpoint is a few humongous companies raking in hundreds of billions a year with a handful of employees. When more and more can be done by fewer and fewer, the profits will go to an ever-smaller circle of executives and investors. But the rest of us won’t be able to afford to buy what these companies produce because we’ll either be unemployed or serving the wealthy in menial jobs paying almost nothing. The old economic model was mass production by many, mass consumption by many. Will the new one have to be production by a few, redistribution to the many?

Thoughts readers??  My initial response is this: 

OR Redistribution to the FEW

Shipping production overseas and closing production in the USA will inevitably catch up and bite us in the ass, labor wise. (As I’ve stated for years.) I’ve endorsed “Manufactured in the USA” throughout the years with Dignity by Design – but have been told that I don’t look at the
bottom line realistically!! Seriously, that’s all I do – do.

The US has been forced, already, to begun to cut down on everyday costs not only on tangibles but services. With fewer jobs and no financial security, services such as ‪#‎Comcast‬ will be forced to bring their prices down or the major networks will be hurting for consumers. (Boo hoo) Thank God our forefathers had vision beyond TODAY – and eventually 90% of us will return to those roots….or perhaps tents.