We’re leery as business owners, right?  Will the Entrepreneur overshadow me, my current employees and most importantly: Bring value and skills to my business, without being a gazelle, or a King/Queen? Insight 101: In this economy – with an 80% failure rate in start up businesses – the current entrepreneur has learned humility along with a solid business education – if they have been wise enough to take it in and stand tall.


This poster is just as significant to Entrepreneurs as it has been to my disabled clients

               Here is my answer to my business colleagues: Buy, Buy, Buy!!

The true entrepreneur thinks outside of the box and can bring a wealth of talent into your business:

“Having tame yet empowered entrepreneurs within a company is the dream for most business owners. These are employees who will undertake something new, without being asked to do so. They are innovative and creative – they are people who can transform an idea into a profitable venture for your business. They strike the perfect balance – act like entrepreneurs, but they work for you.”

 -The Barking Mad Blog www.neilsteggall.org/ SME Advice with bite!

    So search within your Network for the entrepreneur (with the skills that match your business model) as your next employee/partner. It’s a no Brainer!!!!!