“The myth is you get paid what you’re worth. Yet for many occupations it’s just the reverse: Pay is inversely related to the real benefits to society….So why isn’t pay better connected to real value to society?”

-A recent post by Robert Reich posed this question.

million$My thoughts:

It’s the “Let them eat cake” mentality. Those that HAVE generally step over or use the less fortunate on their way to the top – and once there, obtain an elite, lofty indifference to people, businesses and societal groups of lesser conditions.

Having worked within both non-profit and for profit business for over 20+ years – I see it every day.  I see it even more in the Small Business Venture Funding world.

We Entrepreneurs treat the HAVES and circling sharks as royalty: Investors, “Angels”, VC, Banks – and we scurry back and forth to “posers” in the funding world supposedly dedicated to Social Impact – but the social impact companies (Such as mine: Dignity by Design, Clothing for the Disabled) and socially impacting professions are always trumped by the glitz and lure of high tech, get Richer schemes.

We minions of social impact continue to be destined for crumbs.