I’ve been educated by this — it is my hope that everyone will put away the sound bites this fall, educate themselves and vote w/out party bias – but VOTE for mankind.


“Republicans know their best chance on November 4th is to divide and conquer – making struggling working and middle class voters think their problems are coming from the poor, especially poor Latinos and African-Americans, and that Democrats are responsible. Here are the 5 big lies Republicans are telling – and the truth:

(1) Democrats have allowed the poor not to work, while receiving handouts paid by middle-class taxpayers. Baloney. Almost all welfare programs now require recipients to be working. We now have the highest percentage of working poor since data have been collected.

(2) Democrats have exempted the poor from paying taxes. Wrong. Poor Americans pay sales taxes (comprising 30% of all government revenues), which take a bigger bite out of their incomes than anyone else’s, and if they work they pay Social Security taxes.

(3) Democrats support government welfare for illegal immigrants. Wrong. Undocumented workers aren’t eligible; in fact, most have to pay into Social Security although they won’t be collecting it on retirement.

(4) The recent surge of illegal immigration is due to Democratic support for “amnesty.” False. It’s due to the drug war (which Republicans have long championed) moving into Central America.

(5) Obamacare is a huge handout from the middle class to the poor. Wrong again. It saves money by reducing costs of emergency room care, and its only tax (2.8% on capital gains) falls almost entirely on the wealthy.

We can’t allow Republicans to divide and conquer. On November 4th, we have to unite and win.”      – by Robert Reich


I can’t add anything to this – but ask that YOU make YOUR educated VOICE and VOTE matter this November. Your party line doesn’t need you – Humanity needs you.