So let’s talk about DISABILITIES:


A: Are you? Are you often defined by your disability rather than your abilities? Is your disability “hidden”?

B: Will you be?  We don’t know the answer to this necessarily.  We don’t have a crystal ball to show us what form it will take, what limitations it will put onto our current lives or vocations – and we rarely give a thought about what resources we will have when, and/or if, that day arrives.

C: Definition: I’ve got nothing here.  Because we all live with some form of disability. Some are certainly more pronounced – but we are all brothers and sisters to human fragility.

THE general populace – on the whole – tends to regard the disabled populace in the following ways:

  • Ignore
  • patronize
  • dismiss AND ignore
  • Pretend you don’t see them or pretend it will never be you
  • Ignore that 1 in 5 Americans alone have a disability (more recently updated to 1 in 4 in 2014!!)


What is the common thread:  IGNORE ….. which equates to ignorance.

……………The lesson in this is to EDUCATE:

  • The World
  • Businesses
  • Financiers
  • Vendors
  • Social venues ……………….the list goes on and on.

SEE THE ABILITY – NOT THE disABILITY. Engage in meaningful and respectful ways, provide resources, employment and social venues for all disabilities – whether they are elderly, veterans, children, developmental, homeless (Yes I consider that a sizable disability!) – we can learn and share so much by throwing away fear and preconceptions.

It’s a big and beautiful world – don’t ignore 1 in 4 of it (that’s simply ignorant)!!!!