This may be a popular or unpopular post – but rest assured it is not a religious bashing, nor a stand – simply a viewpoint.  


In most part I do agree with Mr. Harris.  I don’t know whether it is “reasonable noise” against unjustified beliefs or an opinion that one needs to make. 

I don’t believe:

  • that a gay person has to state that they are gay (unless they want to)
  • that a disabled person has to justify their abilities or disability (unless they choose to)
  • that a poor person should calculate their worth by their net worth (ever)

I do believe:

  • that A person has the right to believe as they wish – without justification, prejudice or government/political interferance. 
  • that belief systems built on hate and intolerance are simply mobs.
  • that Respect, listening and being open to new thoughts or perceptions is right.  
     This goes both ways – if you are “preaching” your view – be prepared to hear the other side with an open mind – or keep your opinions to yourself – as they are the only ones you will be receptive to.
Whether you are an Atheist, Agnostic, skeptic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist….. It is entirely your choice. It can be your calling to share why this is so – but also note; unsolicited bullying is likely not within your manifesto (look it up – bet I’m right).  
People with disabilities have lived their lives in hopes of Enlightenment from the unfair and uneducated opinions that they are “less than” or “limited by”…..But because this has been a historically and carefully taught belief, should they just lay down and take this as “religious” truth??
Only by opening our minds to all possibilities do we break down barriers and create harmony – in this world – or any other!