While this is mostly true. We saw the years of 1929-33 and 1937-41 (Great Depression) leaving the the country – particularly the poor, middle class and farmers, in ruin.

Although Republicans are also screaming for military movement – they are undercutting and sabotaging the President with confusing rhetoric (surprise) of “ISIS” vs. “ISIL” (as if there is a significant difference) – but it strongly infers that Obama is “hiding” some secret/personal agenda.

I appreciate Sen. Sanders stance – he stands for unity – but it is a losing battle as Tea Partiers, Right Wingers, the Fox News enthusiasts and non-educated voters have their unearned badges pinned on their asses – not their hearts.

Recalling an age old story: There are two stranded in a desert and rather than share the last drops of water, the “possessor” kills his only companion, but during the struggle, pierces the vessel and the water melts into the sand…. then lies wondering, with his dying breath: Why??

We will stand united in the wealth, opportunity and strength
of this country – or we will die. And…..
the History books will show us as the egocentric, selfish cowards that we have become.