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Basing this blog solely on the article (below) regarding the exposure of a
Satanic cult to Florida schools:

If we were as worried about children’s true education: teaching them to WRITE before they graduate (if) … mathematics …history…the arts & music…social skills…real SHOP (bringing back mfg) and HOME EC (Sewing and cooking)… we “worry” about this religious bullshit, maybe our kids would have a chance at sustaining and contributing to this and future generations.

And… schools still have options in the distribution of information AND to approve of the content. Are we forcing these books (be it Christian, Satanic or whatever theological choice) on children? Have the schools become theological “pushers”….I don’t think so.

EXPOSING children to new or varied thoughts is not a threat – It allows them to make choices – the real threat is in not teaching them at all.

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