Logic, common sense and profitability guide this industry – not FashionThat’s secondary.

It doesn’t take genius to understand that you would rather wear a suit to a board presentation or sales meeting than Zubas®, or that you will inevitably put to the back of the closet, or donation bag, the pants that no longer “zip” or are too long/wide/tight/wrinkly.

What if you had no choice BUT the Zubas® or ill fitting, unprofessional clothing??

          That is my market. The Disabled, Veteran and Physically Challenged

Do you know 5 people? Then you intimately know my market!!
1 in 5 people in America have some form of disability that inhibits dressing in some way or another.  Not only the wheelchair users – but the elderly, the returning veterans and those with dexterity limitations.

Dignity by Design

Dignity by Design

“Today, it’s a good idea. Tomorrow, it’s going to be essential.”