The Conspiracy Theory?

Where and what is the Conspiracy theory regurgitated by the far and alt-right, really?

I liken it to this: If a man/woman is caught, red handed, with a knife in his/her hand, a body is laying on the ground – lifeless and the assumed killer stands above him/her saying “It’s a Conspiracy! I’m innocent” – then he/she is taking into custody and tests are taken (DNA), matching of fingerprints and blood type, wound marks, documents are provided that he/she purchased and owned the weapon (knife) in question, had motive (discovered during questioning), the stabbing was witnessed by 5 different people, who all stated that there was no one else on the scene, other than the victim and the assailant.

When a person (or persons) has committed a crime – it’s easy to state ‘Conspiracy’ – but it’s the facts that are unearthed that prove right or wrongdoing. When all of the facts point in one direction to an obvious crime (or many), one has to question: Where’s the conspiracy? The crime has been committed and the facts are coming from the assailant’s own files, words and deeds.

If the above crime was witnessed, in your own neighborhood, would you call the facts as you saw them or would you join in with the assailant to say ‘Conspiracy!’ ? Would you say ‘I never liked the victim he/she had it coming!’ or would you be appalled and shocked, but then wait for the facts to prove innocence or guilt?

I just read that the vile Marjorie Taylor Greene got a rally to boo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband after he was hospitalized in the violent home attack by a tRump supporter. What if it were YOUR husband, wife or child? Would you say “It’s okay – the crowd can boo, because they….feel like it.” Have so many just become this apathetic to the human condition?

That is exactly what is happening in our country and we are all the victims to the previous regime’s tyranny, violence, graft and greed – and the GOP’s ‘killing & slashing’ of rights and democracy. 

Maybe we ARE in a nation that just looks away from crime and corruption, looks away from our justice system, implies ‘faith’, where there is none, has no regard for the actual Constitution (other than cherry picked portions that will serve an agenda) or a unified democratic nation to justify their allegiance to the real monsters – ‘Demi-Gods’ – that they have created. And for what? What is their gain? Seriously – What is their gain?

God help our Nation this November 8th.  Please VOTE BLUE… for our generations and the generations to come.

Remember the bully on the playground?

Remember the bully on the playground that had his/her ‘rat-pack’ behind them, always obeying each command – mostly because they were afraid of being beaten up too – or they had simply found a similar mean soul, or souls, to align with?

Remember the cliques in Jr. and Sr. high – that if you were unfortunate enough to get on their ‘wrong side’, the vicious rumors they would create would spread like wildfire throughout the school? No matter if they were false or groundless, they stuck.

Multiply this by a trillion and we have Social Media today.

The mean guys never ‘go away’ – they just multiply like roaches as they align throughout the world. They don’t grow up, or get their hands slapped back – they don’t have to. They fit.

And the cliques that ‘Ruled the School’ and the vicious rumor mills? They’ve all shifted into the Corporate and Political world as we know it today. They’ve grown up and now rule over the bullies as well.

There was a time when the Higher echelon didn’t associate with the low-brow bullies – it didn’t look good to business nor political spheres – but here we are in 2022:

The power hungry elites are manipulating and controlling the low brow bullies (and the bullies don’t even recognize it), and when they no longer have any use, they will be tossed aside – as all cliques toss aside those that are ‘beneath’ them.  Have them at dinner or lunch at the estate? Not on your life.

And what are we left with?: The cliques. Not just your garden variety High School clique – but a very malignant force governing our country, our freedom, our liberty.

And remember that we didn’t associate ‘Political sides’ with the bullies and cliques in the day – we simply recognized the vile and corrupt entities that they were. They weren’t Voted onto their self made pedestals; they simply grabbed them and ran with it. The only purpose of their existence was/is to make others feel bad, powerless and scared…..or less than.  

They called the kids Nerds, back in the day. They’d be given this moniker for a myriad of reasons:
Through a faith affiliation, or being exceptionally smart, or poor, or non-athletic, or shy, or unattractive.
God forbid if they had an actual disability or handicap. It’s obviously not so different today – but instead of being whispered about, behind their backs – social media has offered a billboard to plaster, smear, threaten and humiliate on a grand scale…..and that doesn’t take into account the face to face encounters of everyday living. It can be hell on Earth for these kids. Most of us have encountered it, to some degree – large or small.

But it’s not Hell on Earth for the bullies and cliques. They get a pass on the damage they’ve created.  

So we have the spectrum: The youth that are bullied, the Millennials that try hard to ‘put it past them’ and build a life for their families and in business, and the older adult – who bears the scars – but is supposedly wiser for the years and told it was the past, move on. Well, since the 2016 election no one gets to move on, not without a fight. Laws have been shot down that allow for better mental health care, social security, overall school funding for elevated programs and education including the addressing of bullying, reproductive rights, religious freedom (to chose which if any we care to affiliate with or be governed by), equality, police safety, environment, gun violence and control….the list goes on and on.  This isn’t just a grocery list, folks, these are a Living breathing List of Human rights under our Constitution being slaughtered.  

The bullies and cliques are back and in full swing. But this time we DO have a VOTE on who remains on the self made pedestals. 

And if I’m being too subtle here let me make myself perfectly clear: The GOP, tRump, the Right-Wing members of SCOTUS and the Senate ARE the Cliques and the bullies are: the Right-Wing, White Supremacists’ and radical semi-automatic gun toting war mongers.

And THIS is not High School, folks.
This is your very freedom and democracy at stake, and there will be no ‘getting over it’ if we don’t VOTE BLUE all the way.  Mic Drop.

                                                                                      – D.F. for Defending

Hell hath no fury…..

It’s not about caring for life. Over 40 years ago the Republicans and Democrats agreed that Roe v Wade was in the best interest and safety of women and health. The Baptist church was in agreement, the then seated President Ronald Reagan, was in agreement. (1973)
Then came the rub by televangelists, 5 years later, wielding political/church power, backing the GOP financially and making abortion rights a political cork-screw.

For anyone who saw the ruling of yesterday as a victory, think again.  It had nothing to do with actual abortion, or women’s rights or protection of an unborn or born child. It was the political agenda – the cork screw being tightened. Period.
Sorta like “A vote for us is a vote for babies. The other guys HATE babies, so vote for us.”  

The diabolical GOP “40 year Project” has found a solid footing as of June 24th, 2022.
It isn’t happenstance that Roe vs. Wade was overturned now – it’s a muscle flex by the GOP stating plainly:  “We have the power – and we’re flexing it – no matter what the general public wants. “

And this is only the beginning.  VOTE BLUE….to Save your vote.

I propose a few new DFL Slogans:

What do we really KNOW about our rights?

Or…What have we lost with Roe v. Wade? [5-2-2022]

On this – the 108th day of my treasured Mom’s birth, another historic event happened. Not a joyful or blissful event, but the tragic ‘passing’ of yet another historic loss of Women’s Rights: Lawful abortion. Roe vs. Wade is overturned after 50 years by a puppet Supreme Court regime – bound to destroy the Constitution and all civil liberties that have been fought for these oh so many years.

Now truth be told – I fought, I marched, I celebrated the victory of many civil rights issues in the 70’s – but I didn’t lay down my life or suffer undue hardship because of my part in the fight – as many did – they DIED in their fight against injustice. As for abortions: Many of our young women died through illegal abortions due to economics, unstable relationships, rape, incest, bigoted assaults – yet the so called ‘righteous pro-lifers’ and misogynistic politicians continued to call out for the ‘rights’ of the unborn fetus. The fetus that they never knew, never would know, never would support or care for, never deeming to know the mother or father and would never care for once born – but be the first to call out against welfare or ‘Juvenile delinquents, who often turn to crime as adults – and which should be ‘locked up’, with the key thrown away – in order to keep white families safe in their gated communities. (In deference to locking up our white collar criminals and politicians.)

I abhor the current political climate, the hate and bigotry within the U.S., the following of evil and treasonous politicians and dictators, who hide behind their office – controlled by God knows who, and willingly sacrifice their country and the minds of the free to be puppets of evil.  And what could possibly be the end goal? Tell me – because I’d really like to know.

And who is next? During the previous regime first were the Muslims. Then the Blacks. Then the Asians. Then women’s rights. Next, for sure is the LGBTQ.  But it can’t stop there. The Jews? Disabled? The scholars? The Scientists? Certainly not the right wing – white Christian majority. No they’re the sacred cows…until they step out of line with the fuehrer of the day.

If this sounds familiar, all you have to do is step back in time to 1930’s-40’s-WWII and the Nazi/Hitler regime. Many of those living at the time will claim ignorance to what was happening. They may claim they simply couldn’t believe that life as they once knew it would be shattered forever, or that families would be ripped apart, people murdered in the streets, hundreds of extermination camps and systematic death and annihilation of millions, brutal savage rape and medical experimentation and torture could occur within their own 4 walls. But it did and we are on the verge of reenacting this monstrous and evil history.  
What will your defense be (if you live through this) to your children and grandchildren? That you didn’t see it coming? But – you did and you do.  What will your maker say to you when you go to your final ‘reward’? Even if you’re an Atheist – you probably have at least a smidgling of doubt that there won’t be some Karmic ending to this life on earth. Exactly what will you justify to your Almighty?

Which brings me back to abortion rights – Think about this long and hard: Will your God ask “What did you do my child?” Will you say: “I wrote to my reps and religious leaders to end abortion. I protested and threw stones at Planned Parenthood. I held a gun towards a doctor performing abortion in clinics, and reveled when I heard that one had been slain and taken out of ‘practice’. I hated and defiled women seeking abortions.  ….I did my part!!”  Then (this is just a guess mind you) your God may ask: But what did you do for the women and families seeking these services – or the children that came due to the abolishing of legal abortion? Did you fight as hard a fight for their dignity and life circumstances as you did for your theory of what you thought I Might want?“

This is where it might get a bit sticky – and likely – if there’s a trap door at the pearly gates, then your Bible thumping ass is gonna drop down faster than in the Tower of Terror at Universal studios. If only for the impudence of believing that you know more than God.  Just a guess mind you….. and that doesn’t even come close to what the rest of the regime is going to face. And trust me on this – I don’t believe there’s any ‘buying’ your way out of this final destination that we all face.

So in closing, brethren – I say to you: Take heed and fight against all tyranny. Choose right from wrong, and when you have a choice – choose the path that will better humankind, this earth and all living creatures upon it. Because THAT, my friend, is what you will be judged on…. And that alone.

  • D. Freeberg/ 2022

We The People

💙 For Those that didn’t hear, wouldn’t hear or chose not to hear tonight’s Democratic Convention (August 18th, 2020) – missed the rally call of the nation…In EACH and every speaker, video and person – just like you and I – that have been affected by our world, as it stands, TODAY and what we have to lose….what we’ve already lost and what we will lose if we don’t take a stand, right what is wrong and fight against a tyranny that is threatening our existence as a democracy in this great nation. It is no longer party against party – this fight is against the downfall of moral decency, freedom and equality, economic and health survival and honor. There is no place now to hide or bury our heads from the truth that is displayed every single day – in our streets, in our communities – around our nation. Hate, violence and division is not the call of a moral president and administration that wants to build a better nation. It is the call to destroy a nation and take power over the freedom and liberties that we know, that our forefathers knew and freedoms that our children and grandchildren may Never know.

I may be 1 voice…but many voices together build villages and nations that are good and righteous – that recognize each and every individual as part of the whole. Some say: All government is corrupt – All politicians are the same. But what is a country without a free democratic government?: A dictatorship. It is chaos. It is totally corrupt and built on fear and power. The speakers tonight didn’t speak of hatred, they did not speak on the furtherance of bigotry and division. They didn’t hold up Bibles as props. THEY didn’t LIE. They brought issues to the forefront that are indisputable. While the current president Tweeted his anger at the truth and facts – these candidates and national supporters were imploring people to rise up and BE BETTER than THIS….and to be able to look their children….or their maker….in the eye and say: I did what was right for all people and for the generations to come.


List of Whales kept in Captivity [as of 2020]

55 years in captivity.
55 years of swimming in circles – day in day out.

This is unacceptable to all standards of living. Many have been kept in captivity for decades. It’s cruelty at it’s basest form.
If this outrages you, contact: and/or each of the aquariums listed below.

NameGenderBreedCurrent locationCaptured rescued captive bornBirthdate  Capture/ rescueAge
Lolita (Tokitae)F100% Southern ResidentMiami SeaquariumCaptured1964 (est.)[8]56
Corky IIF100% Northern ResidentsSeaWorld San DiegoCaptured1965 (est.)[6] – 12 December 196955
Katina (Kandu 6)F100% IcelandicSeaWorld OrlandoCaptured1975 (est.)[7]45
UlisesM100% IcelandicSeaWorld San DiegoCaptured1977 (est.)43
KiskaF100% IcelandicMarineland of CanadaCaptured1977 (est.)43
StellaF100% IcelandicPort of Nagoya AquariumCapturedc. January 1987 (est.)33
KshamenkM100% Argentinian TransientMundo MarinoCaptured1987 (est.)33
OrkidF50% Icelandic – 50% Northern ResidentSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born23 September 1988 (age 31)31
TakaraF100% IcelandicSeaWorld San AntonioCaptive born9 July 1991 (age 29)29
KyuquotM100% IcelandicSeaWorld San AntonioCaptive born24 December 1991 (age 28)28
ShoukaF100% IcelandicSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born25 February 1993 (age 27)27
KeetM75% Icelandic – 25% Southern ResidentsSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born2 February 1993 (age 27)27
KetoM75% Icelandic – 25% Southern ResidentsLoro ParqueCaptive born17 June, 199525
LoveyF100% IcelandicKamogawa Sea WorldCaptive born11 January 1998 (age 22)22
TuarM75% Icelandic – 25% Southern ResidentSeaWorld San AntonioCaptive born22 June 1999 (age 21)21
InoukM100% IcelandicMarineland of AntibesCaptive born23 February 199921
WikieF100% IcelandicMarineland of AntibesCaptive born1 June 2001 (age 19)19
TekoaM75% Icelandic – 25% Bigg’s TransientLoro ParqueCaptive born8 November 2000 (age 19)19
LaraF100% IcelandicKamogawa Sea WorldCaptive born8 February 2001 (age 19)19
NakaiM100% IcelandicSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born1 September 2001 (age 18)18
KohanaF100% IcelandicLoro ParqueCaptive born3 May 2002 (age 18)18
IkaikaM100% IcelandicSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born25 August 200217
SkylaF75% Icelandic – 25% Southern ResidentLoro ParqueCaptive born9 February 2004 (age 16)16
KaliaF87.5% Icelandic – 12.5% Southern ResidentsSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born21 December 200415
TruaM100% IcelandicSeaWorld OrlandoCaptive born23 November 2005 (age 14)14
Ran IIF100% IcelandicKamogawa Sea WorldCaptive born25 February 2006 (age 14)14
OrpheusM100% Russian TransientChimelong Ocean KingdomCaptured2005 (est.) —13
NarniaF100% Russian TransientMoskvariumCaptured2007 (est.)13
NalaniF100% IcelandicSeaWorld OrlandoCaptive born18 September 2006 (age 13)13
MorganF100% NorweginLoro ParqueRescued2007 (est.)13
MaliaF25% Bigg’s Transient – 75% IcelandicSeaWorld OrlandoCaptive born12 March 2007 (age 13)13
WowM100% Russian TransientShanghai Haichang Ocean ParkCaptured2008 (est.) – 2014 (unconfirmed)12
NordM100% Russian TransientMoskvariumCaptured2009 (est.)11
EarthM100% IcelandicPort of Nagoya AquariumCaptive born13 October 200811
SakariF100% IcelandicSeaWorld San AntonioCaptive born7 January 2010 (age 10)10
Naja (Juliet/Malishka)F100% RussianMoskvariumCaptured2010 (est.)10
MoanaM100% IcelandicMarineland of AntibesCaptive born16 March 2011 (age 9)9
MakaioM100% IcelandicSeaWorld OrlandoCaptive born9 October 20109
AdánM87.5% Icelandic – 12.5% Southern residentsLoro ParqueCaptive born13 October 20109
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)Captured2003–2011 (est.) – July 20149-17
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)Captured2003–2011 (est.) – July 20149-17
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)Captured2003–2011 (est.) – July 20159-17
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)Captured2003–2011 (est.) – July 20159-17
LunaF100% IcelandicKamogawa Sea WorldCaptive born19 July 2012 (age 8)8
GraceF100% Russian TranisentChimelong Ocean KingdomCaptured2010 (est.) – 13 August 20138
DoraF100% Russian TransientShanghai Haichang Ocean ParkCaptured2012 (est.) – 2015 (unconfirmed)8
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureF100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), most likely Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, because no orcas at Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom have been confirmed to be femaleCapturedOctober 2003-2011 (est.) – October 20138-16
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)CapturedOctober 2003-2011 (est.) – October 20138-16
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)CapturedOctober 2003-2011 (est.) – October 20138-16
TysonM100% Russian TransientChimelong Ocean KingdomCaptured (Unconfirmed)2001–2014 – 2013–20157-15
NukkaF100% Russian TransientChimelong Ocean KingdomCaptured2001–2015 (est.) – 2013–20147-15
MakaniM50% Argentinian – 50% IcelandicSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born14 February 2013 (age 7)7
Lynn[9]F100% IcelandicPort of Nagoya AquariumCaptive born13 November 2012 (age 7)7
Kysails/AnneiF100% Russian TransientShanghai Ocean Kingdom ParkCaptured2012-2013 – July 2015?7-8
GorenM100% Russian TransientShanghai Haichang Ocean ParkCaptured2012-2013 – July 2015?7-8
KeijoM100% IcelandicMarineland of AntibesCaptive born20 November 2013 (age 6)6
KameaF50% Argentinian Transient – 50% IcelandicSeaWorld San AntonioCaptive born6 December 20136
AmayaF93.75% Icelandic – 6.25% Southern ResidentsSeaWorld San DiegoCaptive born2 December 20145
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureF100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), most likely Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, because no orcas at Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom have been confirmed to be femaleCapturedUnknown – 20154+
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUnknown100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)CapturedUnknown – August 20162+
(Code Unconfirmed) Russian CaptureUknonwn100% Russian TransientUnknown (Russia), Possibly Chimelong Ocean Kingdom(confirmed orcas) or Wuxi Changqiao Ocean Kigndom (possibly confirmed)CapturedUnknown – August 20162+
UlaF50% Norwegian – 37.5% Icelandic – 12.5% Southern ResidentLoro ParqueCaptive born22 September 20181


I was watching a film the other day.  It was a WWII film: The Story of G.I. Joe, (Ernie Pyle’s Story of G.I. Joe) depicting, (as many films have), the firsthand and up close atrocities of war and the Nazi regime. 

It occurred to me, as I was watching: What of the Americans that belong to the Neo Nazi Party, the KKK and other assorted hate groups that idolize the Nazi regime?  Do they watch these films and root for the Reich and not American, or allied, soldiers laying down their lives for our freedom? 
How does any member of one of these groups call him/herself an American, or serve this country and its’ flag ….or honor Veterans in any fashion?
We fought against tyranny… in Germany, Korea and Vietnam. The “cold war” and threatened nuclear war with Russia has been ongoing since, and before, the Bay of Pigs. There were many political gains made by these wars, which doesn’t diminish the actual sacrifice by our soldiers, or the fact that our young men and women died, or were wounded, defending our country’s stances – right or wrong.  It does depict, however, the greed – at any cost – of war.  

I can’t, in my wildest dreams, imagine a soldier who liberated a Nazi death camp, and in seeing, firsthand, the horrors there say “They deserved this…..they were Jews.”  I believe those images stayed with them the rest of their days.  I would guarantee that fact.  We now have “camps” springing up all over this country for “illegal” immigrants, and the propagandist’s state blatantly that “They deserve this…they’re just immigrants.”

We now have an administration that upholds Neo Nazi’s, the KKK, N. Korea, Russia and prison camps for children and “illegals”.

Let that sink in as you rest your hand on your heart to honor the Flag, and this country, on this 4th of July.  Who do you root for?  What do you stand for? Who, or what, do you honor?

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”



I’ve often seriously considered where delusional, all consuming, hate stems from. We see it everyday through Social Media to the local market.

I understand that horrifying, terrifying or sad events can alter perspective…. and losses…. losses come in many forms. To lose someone, or something, unexpectedly …or at all…. manipulates our brains in ways that mankind (and therapists) strive to reach.

But, what of the Hate that a person, consciously decides upon? What purpose does it serve?

  • Does it feel “good” in some way, or give personal satisfaction by “sticking it to the man” (whomever that man may be) ?
  • Does it personally validate one’s true (or devised) calling in life?
  • Is it a need, or perceived need?
  • Is there a person or group that has personally affected you?
  • Do you choose NOT to overcome the hatred or does it choose you?

Next: How does Hate affect those around us? Family, friends, animals.

  • Do your loved ones share your hatred, or do they fear it? Do you care?
  • Who benefits from it but yourself?
  • What does your day consist of:
    • Time consumed
    • Seclusion
    • Social Media trolling
    • Delusional “plans”
    • …..worse

My friend: You deserve more than being governed by hate. Your family and companions deserve more of you. The world deserves a person who has compassion and joy – as we know in our heart of hearts, there has never been a profit that preached “hate thy neighbor”.

Life is short – and what we do with it will be remembered – either with hatred or love. And…… if there is a Redeemer – he/she will remember that as well.

What are we waiting for in “Adaptive Fashion” ??

I recently read an interesting blog on “Adaptive Clothing” (see link below blog) that talks of all of the “new and innovative” clothing lines available for disabilities.

This was my response to the editor:

“We have been in the adaptive clothing business since 2001.
As a matter of fact – we, Dignity by Design, introduced Adaptive Fashion to the world.
For years we went to investors, we pitched, we were up for awards. We were, and are, considered the leaders and experts in adapted fashionable clothing, without a stigmatized “adaptive” appearance. Yet we couldn’t make the investment market take notice – not enough to invest real $$.
The main brands that are referenced in this blog simply modify their current lines “enough” to be considered adapted – but there’s so much more to adapted clothing: Materials, cut, price, style and research.

If this market truly is going to approach $393 billion by 2026, then perhaps my readers can point us to the people that are serious about disabled fashion, investing in this market and providing a real solution that will capture the market with integrity and purpose – not just a quick fix. “

Donna Freeberg for Dignity By Design