Gun Control, Political Agenda, Human and Disability Rights…….

To all of my FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram followers and friends:
Hereby unfriend, untweet, unpin and unchat me……if you want to sway
my opinions and convictions on:

A) Massive gun control for assault and automatic Rights
weapons – I believe that they do kill people. Period.
Also, If you spend more time defending your
weaponry than you do defending and assisting the
daily rights and options for disabled, homeless and
poor – or fighting bigotry
………….Please unfriend me.

B) Women’s rights and Planned Parenthood: I believe
that women have the right to own their reproduction.
Period. I believe that the organizations that uphold
these hard earned rights and medical services should
be supported and upheld.

C) That political agendas should be unmasked
(on all sides) and only work for the benefit of all people – not the wealthy –
but for the average working American.  I also believe that there
will never be a true democracy without socialized medicine and
uniform drug and pharmaceutical regulations.

If it is your opinion that the thought of the day is more important than a friendship or a human’s well being – if you think that your “post” will sway ethical and moral convictions that have taken 60 years to develop………..absolutely, unfriend me.  I’ll survive…. guaranteed.  

Bummer…I’m being killed by chemicals.


Why is our FOOD being chemically altered by Monsanto?

Why is all of our cable & internet service being provided by Comcast and Time Warner?

Why is the broadcasting of the President’s addresses to the United States controlled by the broadcasting stations?

Everything we do, hear and PAY for is “offered” to us by the monopoly’s. We VOTE it in  !*!#

We are definitely ripe for “Soylent Green“….so let’s just lay down and wait….(while we complain on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and…and….and)Monsters

On this day in 1974, labor activist Karen Silkwood died under mysterious circumstances.


The younger generations may not know who she was or why she died – but this single incident sparked a Nationwide acknowledgment to Nuclear terror – hidden within the towns,
families and jobs in the “Good Old U.S. of A.”  

It was a time when: If the people, the press or news uncovered corruption/evil THEY spoke
and the people of the USA listened.

We had outlived the Hearst’s and our Nation was seeking truth and liberty. We were expanding our brains beyond what we’d been told and we sought to become enlightened people.
It wasn’t without risk, but it was courageous and true. 

TODAY evil/corruption is at home again and deeply nestled within all of the news –
and sound bites are everywhere.

It has escalated since the Karen’s and Watergate to where this nation is uninformed and held hostage to “entertainment” coverage for ratings, financial and political gains.

Nixon    Vietnam    Enron

NixonVietnam (Desert Storm, Iraq War, Afghanistan) – Enron

Information today is so polluted that I feel we will never
again be truly knowledgeable.

Student Loans: Bankrupt Generations….let’s decide now!!!

[Please note correction below]


Nobody is listening as long as: Sallie Mae is making billions, For-profit  sharks (including every accredited higher education facility) are making billions.  The Government is not only ignoring this crisis  and subsidizing these loan sharks, but are literally supporting and endorsing high interest and inflated tuition rates – with no real progressive change in sight.  Has this country strayed so far from seeing a future, let alone protecting it?

How can we say that education is the key to our children’s future when they are forced into bankruptcy from student debt (Note: Student loans are protected FROM bankruptcy, no relief there) and cannot obtain jobs in their graduating field (Many because of for-profit non-accredited schools offering the “cheaper” and “more accessible” college solution, only to be 2-3 times more expensive, offering worthless paper “degrees”). And take note below: No SSI and No Medicare is available until paid off……surprise!!!

CORRECTION:  My apologies to my fellow bloggers.  This has come to my attention (Thank you BB) that I may not have done my due diligence on this issue:  Regarding SS: 

Sadly, this seems to be the tip of the iceberg. Recent research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New Yorkshows that more than 6 million Americans 50-plus are still paying off student loans. In the third quarter of 2011, about 17 percent were late or delinquent on their payments.

If they don’t find a way to pay that debt before they claim Social Security retirement benefit, they could be facing cuts as high as 15 percent, or $190 from a benefit of $1,234. Recipients who collect $750 a month or less won’t be docked, according to the SmartMoney report.


These are our future home owners, tax payers and
producers of future generations.

   Lowering the interest rate is only a band aid on the mortal wound we have blindly allowed this and future generations to bleed from.