Reposting in the New Year “2015” – Nothing much has changed as we go into a new House and Senate.

UNEMPLOYMENT: Has the Unemployment rate “actually” gone down, or have the 1.3 Million Unemployed Americans simply been abandoned?

It’s tough out there. People are still losing their homes to foreclosure, unemployment is very high, income and job stability is low, student debt is staggering.  So when the government can do something substantial for the unemployed by extending emergency (EUC) funding WHY aren’t they?

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[This is an excerpt from 12/2013; Benefits ended 1/2014; it is Now 1/4/2015]
Originally blogged in August 2014…….

Renewal of Federal Unemployment Benefits Blocked in the House of Representatives
                                                  –  Posted by: Mitchell Hirsch on Dec 13, 2013

” …….In the Senate on Wednesday, Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) attempted to bring up his bill for a full-year renewal of EUC on the floor for a vote, but his unanimous consent request was blocked when Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) objected.

On Thursday, following the Rules Committee chairman’s rejection of his amendment, Rep. Levin took to the House floor, along with other House Democrats, imploring the House to allow a vote on an EUC extension.”

“We want to vote. And you misunderstand if I might say so the issue. If we don’t act, on December 28 1.3 million people will lose every cent of unemployment insurance. These are people who have exhausted their state benefits. They have exhausted them. These are people who have been laid off through no fault of their own. They are looking for work,” Levin said.

“Historically we have never, never ended these emergency provisions when long-term unemployment has been as high as it is today, 37 percent. We have already reduced the average number of unemployment insurance weeks in this country to 54. I want to point out to the gentleman and everybody else if we don’t act it, another 1.9 million unemployed people will lose every cent of their unemployment insurance the next six months.”

“So, under this bill SGR is now extended for three months. We asked the Rules Committee to make in order an amendment paid for to extend unemployment insurance for three months. Here’s what we said. If we can prevent a 25 percent cut to doctors’ pay, surely we can prevent a 100 percent cut for 1.3 million unemployed. And so what’s been the response? The answer from House Republicans is this — an empty box.”

Student Loans: Bankrupt Generations….let’s decide now!!!

[Please note correction below]


Nobody is listening as long as: Sallie Mae is making billions, For-profit  sharks (including every accredited higher education facility) are making billions.  The Government is not only ignoring this crisis  and subsidizing these loan sharks, but are literally supporting and endorsing high interest and inflated tuition rates – with no real progressive change in sight.  Has this country strayed so far from seeing a future, let alone protecting it?

How can we say that education is the key to our children’s future when they are forced into bankruptcy from student debt (Note: Student loans are protected FROM bankruptcy, no relief there) and cannot obtain jobs in their graduating field (Many because of for-profit non-accredited schools offering the “cheaper” and “more accessible” college solution, only to be 2-3 times more expensive, offering worthless paper “degrees”). And take note below: No SSI and No Medicare is available until paid off……surprise!!!

CORRECTION:  My apologies to my fellow bloggers.  This has come to my attention (Thank you BB) that I may not have done my due diligence on this issue:  Regarding SS: 

Sadly, this seems to be the tip of the iceberg. Recent research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New Yorkshows that more than 6 million Americans 50-plus are still paying off student loans. In the third quarter of 2011, about 17 percent were late or delinquent on their payments.

If they don’t find a way to pay that debt before they claim Social Security retirement benefit, they could be facing cuts as high as 15 percent, or $190 from a benefit of $1,234. Recipients who collect $750 a month or less won’t be docked, according to the SmartMoney report.


These are our future home owners, tax payers and
producers of future generations.

   Lowering the interest rate is only a band aid on the mortal wound we have blindly allowed this and future generations to bleed from.