Hell hath no fury…..

It’s not about caring for life. Over 40 years ago the Republicans and Democrats agreed that Roe v Wade was in the best interest and safety of women and health. The Baptist church was in agreement, the then seated President Ronald Reagan, was in agreement. (1973)
Then came the rub by televangelists, 5 years later, wielding political/church power, backing the GOP financially and making abortion rights a political cork-screw.

For anyone who saw the ruling of yesterday as a victory, think again.  It had nothing to do with actual abortion, or women’s rights or protection of an unborn or born child. It was the political agenda – the cork screw being tightened. Period.
Sorta like “A vote for us is a vote for babies. The other guys HATE babies, so vote for us.”  

The diabolical GOP “40 year Project” has found a solid footing as of June 24th, 2022.
It isn’t happenstance that Roe vs. Wade was overturned now – it’s a muscle flex by the GOP stating plainly:  “We have the power – and we’re flexing it – no matter what the general public wants. “

And this is only the beginning.  VOTE BLUE….to Save your vote.

I propose a few new DFL Slogans:


Author: DignitybyDesign dfreeberg

Disability advocate and President of Dignity by Design - Brilliant apparel for the disabled and physically challenged!!

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